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Get into the timelapse universe

Photography has always been a perfect storytelling tool. However, timelapse brings together all the good things of video and photography in one effect. It offers a unique opportunity to relate the scene with time, something that with the instantaneous nature of photography would be impossible to achieve.

This technique consists on creating a video, through a sequence of photographs, showing the passage of time of a reality in an accelerated way. The growth of a tree, the process of dusk or the movement of the stars are some examples of moments that would escape our eyes. That new perception is what catches our attention.

From Ápodo, we wanted to bring this new way of capturing the night to all of you. Using our Ápodo Compact and your knowledge of photography, you will discover how easy it is to make timelapses and dynamize them to make them even more spectacular.

The Timelapse Mode of our slider will allow you to program it in the easiest way possible. Simply set the start and end point of the motion you want, the interval between each frame, number of fps and the duration of the resulting clip. When you have the ideal parameters for capturing that moment (aperture, exposure, ISO, etc.) set in your camera, connect it to our slider and it will take the shot.

Still not convinced? Here we show you some of the benefits of this technique increasingly demanded in professional productions and corporate videos.

  • We can portray the evolution, the beauty or the change of any motive you can imagine, summarizing it after in a few seconds
  • You will accelerate and give life to your nocturnal photographs.
  • It is a different and very striking effect and the big producers know and play with it.
  • The timelapse gives us a point of view that we could not perceive otherwise.
  • The possibility of including music is another element that contributes to its success, since it helps us to create the atmosphere that we want in each occasion and to awaken our senses.

Getting to see objects, people or landscapes at night we like, is something that otherwise we could not appreciate. If, in addition, we add the possibility of observing the passage of time, we will create a hypnotic effect impossible to ignore.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much are a thousand images worth in a single timelapse?