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Portable Wirecam + Macic 2 Pro - Noxon

6 reasons to use Noxon’s Portable Wirecam to shoot events

6 reasons to use Noxon’s Portable Wirecam to shoot events

Discover the 6 great benefits of the cablecam system the best to transport and agile to use.

1) Single operator
Make aerial shoots at concerts, events, etc. with the Portable Wirecam and thanks to its new sensor you can program a movement between two points and you will get the cablecam to move accurately between them. In other words, you can reduce the cost of your productions since you will only need a single operator to use it 😱!

Portable Wirecam + Mavic 2 Pro, Santurtzi concert, August 2019.

2) In 15 minutes you will have ready the installation
Its assembly is very simple and agile, since it is a cable (rope) of only 3mm in diameter. This, together with its anchoring and tensioning kit, allows you to have mounted all the installation in just 15 minutes ⏱️.

3) Use it with drone!
The Portable Wirecam allows you to make aerial shoots over the public 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧  in a legal and safe way. Besides, we have incorporated into our catalog an own design of a support for the Mavic 2 Pro. Take a look!

4) Up to 10 hours of continuous motion
Thanks to the cablecam you can shoot during long events, since it has great autonomy 🔋. Yes, you have read correctly, up to 10 hours!

Portable Wirecam & Compact Slider, Bilbao BBK Liv comcerte, July 2019 (by

5) Transport it in its flycase
Also you can transport it with all the necessary accessories for its installation in a small case of 35×29,5x15cm 🧳.

6) Load capacity of up to 6Kg
Despite its small dimensions, the Portable Wirecam, has a load capacity of up to 6Kg, this characteristic allows to work with stabilizer sets + DSLR camera 📷 and achieve “cinema” results.

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