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360 photography is here to stay

360 photography is here to stay

Since 2020, the pandemic has changed the rules of the game for many businesses and, in order to continue, it has been necessary to adapt to the “new normal”. This is why today the digitization of business, and with it, 360 photography, is more important than ever.

When digitizing your business, it is extremely important to optimize the customer experience and offer them the possibility of studying and learning about the product from a distance without having to see it in person. This is why solutions such as 360 product photography have been gaining ground when it comes to promoting products in the best way on e-commerce portals.

Normally in a physical store, the customer has the opportunity to hold the product in their hands and look at it from different angles. Which is impossible to achieve through digitization. However, with 360 photography we can get quite close and that is where the Noxon Turntable can help you.

The first aspect to highlight is its load capacity. Since the Noxon Turntable has 2 versions, one of up to 50 Kg and the other reinforced with a capacity of up to 150 Kg. Which offers you security and the possibility of taking a 360 photo of almost any product.

Another aspect to consider is the table. The Turntable comes by default with an 80cm diameter MDF wood table that can be replaced by a 98cm or 118cm one and in white or black. Offering you not only different sizes but also colors so that your product stands out.



Like all Noxon products, the Turntable is motorized and this offers you control over its movements. As well as the possibility of connecting your camera to the Turntable so it can control the shots of your camera to be taken in the precise moment.

All of this makes the Noxon Turntable the ideal product to help you digitize your business. And you? What are you waiting to get yours?