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M.O.D.O.K. and the resurgence of Stop Motion

On May 21, the new Marvel Studios series M.O.D.O.K. produced by Hulu and broadcasted in Spain through Disney + and developed using the animation technique known as Stop-Motion.

Stop Motion or frame-by-frame animation is a technique characterized by appearing movement through the use of successive static images. With this technique, movement is built by manipulating an object, with one’s own hands, frame by frame. Various materials are used (plasticine, sand, paper cuttings, chalk on floors and walls, etc.) progressively.

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Because it is a technique where subtle changes generate a sensation of movement, it is necessary to control each movement sub-millimeter and that is where our Mod Slider can be the ideal tool that every Stop Motion animator should have. Thanks to its dented belt and stepper motor, you can program and repeat movements as short as 0.01mm.

When doing Stop-Motion it is a good idea to take into account each shot that is going to be made. Thanks to the Dragonframe plugin for wireless control, you can configure the movements of the 4 axes of the slider with the well-known animation software and thus create each shot exactly as you have imagined it.

dragonframe slider

It is important to keep the camera stable and avoid any unwanted shake or shake. That is why the Mod Slider has a 2.5mm mini-jack port with which you can connect your camera and thus control the shutter. This way you can avoid any vibration that may be caused by pressing the button. It also has multiple mounting modes for tripods and thus has a totally stable slider.

Stop-motion is one of the oldest animation techniques, however, productions such as M.O.D.O.K., Robot Chicken, and Lego: The Movie, show us that today it is as current as it can be. If you want to create unique animations what better than to have a tool to help you achieve it. Click here and buy your Mod Slider.