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Discover the 6 best shots to take with your slider

A slider is a tool that every filmmaker should have. Since it gives you endless resources that you can use to give more dynamism and professionalism to your audiovisual projects. In this post, we want to give you the  6 best shots to take with your Slider and have incredible shots.

Place objects near the slider:

By positioning different objects close to the lens of the slider we give a little more depth to the shot and the movement of the slider will be more noticeable.

Raise the slider and take overhead shots:

Mount the slider on tripods or on a rack and use it to point the camera down. You can take advantage of the feeling of vigilance to convey a specific feeling to the viewer.

Take low angle shots

Now we go to the opposite side with the slider on the ground, look for interesting planes with the camera pointing up. Low-angle shots serve to convey a situation of control, power, greatness, and security.

Play with the focus

With a wide lens opening approach the object. With a little practice, you can create interesting effects by focusing on a certain object.

Discover objects

This shot is known as “reveal shot” where our main object is covered by an element not very illuminated and out of focus and with the movement of the slider it is revealed.

Create shots keeping the subject in the center

It combines traveling and panning movements to create a three-dimensional sensation thanks to the movement of the background and the object.

With these 6 tips, you can add more dynamism and professionalism to your audiovisual productions and get the most out of your Mod Slider.