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Ábaco Digital

Ábaco Digital is a digital agency with more than 20 years of experience, specializing in virtual reality productions and in the development of immersive experiences. We are diverse (designers, programmers, photographers, videographers) and experienced. We make any project a reality.

Our references

We have worked for clients from all sectors and all over the world: Mexico, USA, Jamaica, Antarctica, Galapagos, Poland, UK, Chad, Sudan, Kenya, Jordan… And for this, we have become a benchmark of quality in 360 content. Worldwide.

Noxon equipment (specifically the VR360 Minicablecam and the VR 360 Extensible Slider & Dolly) has helped us improve our productions thanks to a reliable control system, which allows you to program automatic repetitive movements quickly and easily.

Thanks to Noxon equipment features and programming facilities. Ábaco Digital has been able to easily eliminate, in post-production, the guides and the equipment itself from the zenith and nadir of the shots, thus achieving a totally immersive experience.