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Digitize your business

Nowadays, the digital transformation of businesses is increasingly important as a form of competitiveness. One of the fundamental aspects to take into account when facing the digitization process is to choose the right solutions that really contribute to the differentiation of the business, both in the virtual showcase part (web environment, e-commerce, etc.) in the content that is going to be displayed in the said showcase.

When it comes to digitizing your business, it is extremely important to optimize the customer experience and offer them the possibility of studying and learning about the product in depth from a distance without having to see it in person. This is why solutions such as 360 product photography have been gaining ground when it comes to promoting products in the best way on e-commerce portals.

The Spanish government has recently launched the Kit Digital program to invest more than 3,000 million euros in the digitization of SMEs and the self-employed. This with the aim of helping them apply digital solutions that help them increase their digital maturity.

It is in this aspect that the Noxon Turntable and its comprehensive 360 ​​photography system, made up of the rotary table and the image control and stitching software developed by WebRotate360, takes center stage. Thanks to this synergy between the two companies, it has been possible to simplify the process of capturing, editing, and publishing 360 photos from a single ecosystem.