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Expand your camera movements possibilites

We know that our clients are constantly searching for innovative systems that help them exploit their creativity and raise the quality of their productions. Thinking about it, at Noxon, we are developing a new cable pull module that will allow you to give movement to any object just by pulling on it.

An example to illustrate its functionality is to use it to turn the Mod Slider into a motorized crane system.

Thanks to the modularity of the Mod Slider. It is possible to place a counterweight on one end, position the panning and tilting modules on the other end of the slider and achieve balance by adjusting the position of the tripod anchor plate.

In this way and including the Winch module, we can create the tilting movement of the assembly so that it behaves like a crane.

The 4-axis control capacity of the slider allows us to connect the Winch module together with the Panning and Tilting movements to control the movement of the crane in a fully synchronized manner.

Other possible uses of the Winch module can be:

  • Transform a manual slider into a motorized one.
  • Lift light objects during a recording.
  • Dragging objects, cameras, microphones, or lighting equipment over a cart on a surface.
  • Achieve controlled spin of any pivoting object.
  • Achieve tilt of an object.