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5 tips for your perfect summer timelapse

Timelapse is a photographic technique in which, through multiple photographs, elements with a slow movement are shown at a fast speed. We know that the perfect time to enjoy outdoor activities is approaching. Thinking about it, we bring you this list with the 5 tips for you to make the perfect timelapse during the summer.

1.-Check the weather forecast:

Depending on what you want to capture, the clouds may be both your friends and your worst enemies, so looking at the weather is a must to prepare properly. Remember to wear sunscreen and sunglasses if it’s daytime and a jacket and protection for your camera lens if it’s nighttime.

2.- Take a chair:

Remember that timelapse is a technique that takes time, so it depends on your goal, you can spend hours in that place. So get ahead of the facts and bring a comfortable chair to rest. It also depends on the place it can be a blanket and a book.

3.- A snack and a drink are never too many:

From the hand of the previous point, you never know when hunger is going to attack. So bring a snack to kill the craving and a drink to help you lower it. Beer is usually the ideal option.

4.- Select the ideal spot:

Depending on what your objective is, many aspects to take into account will vary. Defining that beforehand will save you many hours of work or having to repeat your timelapse. Thinking about it, we have this list of exhibitions depending on your objective.

5.- Have fun:

Remember that you do this, as Residente says because you like it. So enjoy your time doing the timelapse. In the end, it is an art and as such, there is no single way to do it well.

Keep these 5 tips in mind and enjoy every moment during your summer timelapse.