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360 Turntable

Equip your studio with a programmable rotary table

Size: 48.5*50*14 cm

Weight: 4500 g

Minimum speed: 1.2 º/s

Maximum speed: 85 º/s


Mains power supply


MDF, Stainless Steel, Aluminium

Carrying capacity working horizontally: : 50 Kg

Make rotate up to 50 kg in a controlled way

Make incredible videos with your product, actor, etc. on the table in rotation.

Broaden your horizons by taking 360 photography fully automatically.

You can control the camera shots from the rotary table and automatically make all the photos you want per turn.

What if it is an object up to 2 meters in size?

You can choose between different interchangeable discs to mount on the rotary table and create the base size that fits the photographed object.

Noxon Control System

Intuitive and agile control system with wired or wireless remote controller


– Pocket Size

– 2.2″ LCD screen

– Fall-proof due to the protective silicone cover

– Agile and intuitive thanks to its single rotating button. Program a movement in just 5 clicks.

– Uses a standard USB 2.0 type A cable

– 100 m line-of-sight range in the wireless version

Performs any work thanks to its advanced control modes

Live speed and direction control of the rotation movement

40 available speeds.

Shoot-move-shoot movement (the camera remains still during the photos).

Up to 100 hours of timelapse duration.

Agile parameters configuration (frames, lapse).

Comunication with the camera to take the shots  (3,5mm minijack port).

Ramp mode control for exposure time for sunrises and sunsets.

Possibility to perform acceleration ramps.

Possibility to preview de movement.

It is possible to power off or disconnect the remote during the execution and the Turntable keeps working.

Agile frame configuration.

Ability to move forward or backward frame by frame.

Ability to navigate to the desired frame during execution.

It allows taking 360 degree photos and making videos during a rotation adding the turn table to the panning units of the slider

It is posible to control:

The complete angle with is desired to spin.

The complete video movement speed.

The number of photos for the photo 360/panoramic movent.

The time interval between photos in order to automate the movement (the slider sends out shots signs to the camara in each 360photo position).


Perform Stop motion with Dragonframe

Make Stop motion controlling the Turntable directly from the Dragronframe software thanks to the wireless control system.


Sync Connect

A single remote controller that connects to any of our products.

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360 Turn Table kit

From: 635,00 IVA/TAX excl.

Motorized and programmable turntable for making 360 photpgraphy and people or objects videos in rotation.

¡¡¡ MORE INFO !!!

  • Size: 48.5*50*14 cm
  • Weight: 4500 g
  • Minimun speed: 1.2 º/s
  • Maximun speed: 85 º/s
  • Carrying capacity working horizontally: 50 o 150 Kg
  • Material: Black polyethylene + stainless steel

360 Turn Table

Turn Table + 80cm table


360 Turn Table - Special Table*OPTIONAL

Tailored table for the rotary table.

*If you want a measure not contemplated please contact .



  • Fixed stretcher
  • 80cm white rotating disk *It will not be delivered if it is a custom disc ordered
  • Basis disc of the selected size
  • Remote controller
  • Protective silicone case for the remote controller
  • 12v power supply
  • 1.5m power supply extension cord