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Who we are

Professional solutions for the audiovisual sector

We are a Spanish company born to give solutions to professionals in the audiovisual sector. Our knowledge and our innovative spirit have led us to the creation of the Noxon brand, with which we seek to offer the perfect technological products to perform automatic camera movements.

Our multidisciplinary team counts among others professionals in the audiovisual sector, which allows us to focus and develop our products to the needs of the sector.

What we do

We design, manufacture and sell devices to provide automatic camera movement to achieve or improve the result of techniques such as video, timelapse, 360º photography, 3D photography, stop motion, 360 video, 3D video, etc.

Why Noxon

We know your needs

We understand what our customers want and for this we try to enjoy the audiovisual realization without having to worry about the technical means and finding in them an ally to get the best result.


We work continuously to improve the characteristics and functionalities of our products by applying the ingenuity and creativity in the design to achieve unique products.

The Noxon Slider & Dolly is a clear example of our commitment to innovation and differentiation from the rest of the market.

Affordable price without losing quality

We are a clear example that shows that it is not necessary to lower the quality to get an affordable price. We optimize the design and use the latest production techniques, such as additive manufacturing, to ensure that our products maintain very competitive prices, always guaranteeing the quality and characteristics of the professional range.