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High Speed Cablecam

A Cablecam to fly fast and make shocking movies.

Size: 75*32*16 cm

Weight: 5025 g

Minimum speed: 3 km/h

Maximum speed: +60 km/h


4oV battery

Main construction materials:

Aluminium, A 2 stainless steel, Delrin

Carrying capacity working horizontally: 20 Kg

Your Cablecam ready and assembled to film in 2 minutes

Thanks to this position adjustment innovative system that alows a fast assembly without tools in a wire aready installed.

It moves easily up to 20 kg

Its 3500 W of power and it  stiffness stretcher allows moving the most demanding camera ensemble.

Work with the wire on slope

Thanks to the tilting anchoring point that will allow you to level the camera.

Battery life

It works long hours

The included dual 5 cell lithium polymer batteries deliver incredible power as well as long battery life.

Move your came with safety

The possibility to add a second safety cable and the optional emergency braking system will give you the peace of mind needed to use your valuable equipment at a height. 


Radio control 

Use the RC emitter you prefer to drive it

You will be able to use your RC emitter or you can order one with your purchase.

Programmable remote controller

Live control of the speed and direction of the travelling movement.

40 available speeds.

Programmable movements with up to 3 reference points, allowing for speed and direction changes.



From point 1 to point 2 (198 cm of travelling to the right, speed 11)

From point 2 to point 3 (750 cm of travelling to the left, speed 40)

It stablishes start and stop accelerations in order to soften the movements to the maximum.

Shoot-move-shoot movement (the camera remains still during the photos).

Up to 100 hours of timelapse duration.

Agile parameters configuration (frames, lapse).

Possibility to perform acceleration ramps.

Possibility to preview de movement.

It is possible to power off the remote during the execution and the cablecam keeps working.

Agile frame configuration.

Ability to move forward or backward frame by frame.

Ability to navigate to the desired frame during execution.

It allows to program the exact times in which the camera goes to different positions and even the times that it must remain in the positions it reaches.

This mode is useful for systems that can move large lengths.

It can be used in events, musicals and other situations where time is controlled.

  • *Programmable system in development and optional (ask us before buying)
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High speed cinema cablecam

From: 1.595,00 IVA/TAX excl.

Move your cinema camera at more than 60m/h and make amazing airly shot.

  • Size: 75*32*16 cm
  • Weight: 5025 g
  • Minimum speed: 0,5 km/h
  • Maximum speed: +60 km/h
  • Carrying capacity working horizontally: 20 Kg

Create automatic programmable movements to control your High speed cablecam using our remote control with the modes:

  • Direct
  • Automatic
  • Timelapse
  • Stop motion
  • Multi-point

Polyester rope 8mm - 50m

1000 Kg hand winch

Lipo battery charger up to 6S

Quick release plate Ronin adapter

Emergency braking system

System that causes the emergency braking of the cablecam after making contact with the pvc blocks positioned on the rope in the safety positions.

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  • Cablecam
  • 2 5S Lipo batteries of 500mah
  • Quick anchoring support for Ronin M (on order)

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