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New Jib Arm


Versatility in motion

Why choose when you can have everything?

Capture all angles and movements simultaneously with our Jib Arm.

Total robotization

Agile and intuitive

Maximum ergonomics

Ideal for Stop Motion
(DragonFrame compatible)

Jib Arm Technical Specifications

Folded Jib Arm Size: 120 x 20 x 20 cm.

Loading capacity: Up to 3,5 kg.

3/8″ female main anchor to attach to any tripod plate.

Maximum distance in radius of the camera with respect to the anchor point: 90 cm

Repeatability accuracy at end of boom +-0,2mm.

Main construction materials: Aluminium, S275JR Steel, INOX Steel.

Total weight of the assembly without camera: (18 kg)

Weight of detachable counterweights: (3,3 kg)

Jib Arm Technical Specifications

Achievable movements: jib’s turn, jib’s lift, jib’s extension, camera panning, camera tilting. Automatic change of panning movement per roll.

Available working modes: Live control, Auto mode, Timelapse, Stop Motion, Turn table.

Controller compatibility: Dragonframe DF MOCO + API Noxon for command control from a PC.

Axis travels: jib’s turn (unlimited) jib’s lift (+28º -29º) jib’s extension (65cm), panning (270º), tilting (270º).

Wireless remote control range: 40m

Jib Arm Technical Specifications

12V and 6A power supply through DC 5.5, 2.1mm connector.

Possibility of using a Noxon UPS battery in the event of a power outage so as not to lose the work position.

Type of connections in Molex Microfit motors.

Programmable robotic movements in any direction

Using the Noxon control system or through the Dragonframe animation software, it is possible to easily program camera movements of up to 5 axes in seconds.


Dragonframe compatible

Single extension motion

Thanks to its automatic balancing system.
Maximum extension capacity: Up to 55 cm

Single extension motion

Thanks to its automatic balancing system.
Maximum extension capacity: Up to 55 cm

Precision and fluidity in every movement

Noxon electronics and PAP motors allow precise movement of both the boom and the hot head.

Be the first to have it!

Pre-order for Stop Motion animators

What do we ask you?

€100 in advance to reserve your gear.

What will you take?

25% discount on the retail price to purchase the Jib Arm.

If I pre-order now, how long will it take to receive the equipment?

The estimated waiting period to start shipping the new 4Animators Jib Arm is 3-4 months. By participating in the pre-order we will add you to a subscription list to keep you informed about the features of the Jib Arm, production status and much more.

Why launch a pre-order?

Noxon’s nature is innovation and development. This is how we have designed all our products and with this pre-order we want to adjust and adapt our capabilities to the level of demand that the sector has for a tool as innovative as our Jib Arm.

What is the difference between this pre-order and a crowdfunding project?

Unlike a crowdfunding project, our prototype is already developed and validated for production. Our interest is in optimizing costs and processes to the maximum to offer the most affordable option on the market and for this, production on demand in this first phase is essential.

Will there be other versions of the Jib Arm?

Indeed. We don’t know when but we want the 4Animators Jib Arm to be a first step to develop a series of Jib Arms focused on covering different needs, because each type of filmmaker is unique and thus we avoid extra costs.
The next planned version will optimize the work speeds and accelerations to make video.

Is it possible to request a refund for pre-orders?

It is not possible to request a refund for the pre-order fee. Once the pre-order fee has been paid, a production unit from the first batch is reserved for you.
However, please note that there is no legal obligation to proceed with the order once we notify you that it is ready for shipment. In such cases, the reservation amount will be forfeited as a penalty.
If, for any reason, Noxon is unable to prepare and ship the order within the specified timeframe, we will gladly refund the reservation amount to you.

Retail Price 2.900€

to which the €100 pre-order will be discounted

Pre-order now and take your cinematography to the next level!

Jib-Arm: Pre-order

100,00 IVA/TAX excl.

25% discount on your motorized jib purchase.

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– Jib Arm
– Hot head
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