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Portable Wirecam 

The easiest transportation and lightweight system



Módulos compatibles/movimientos


Velocidad mínima: 5 mm /s

Velocidad máxima: 1375 mm/s


Batería 24V / batería 12V

Materiales principales de construcción:

Fibra de carbono, acero inoxidable A2, Delrin

Capacidad de carga en horizontal: 10 Kg

It can be used with Gimbals and cinema cameras

It can move up to 6 kg (camera+gimbal)

Mounted on a cable and fully working in a matter of seconds

Instal several 2.5mm-diameter transparent wires in different locations and switch the portable wirecam from one wire to another in a matter of seconds.

Expand your horizons creating Hyperlapse and Timelapse projects with a long and perfectly smooth movement.

Can you imagine a sunset timelapse travelling 20 meters among the forest trees?

The perfect tool for audiovisual production of concerts and events

Noxon Control System

Intuitive and swift control system with wired or wireless remote control

– Pocket Size.

– 2.2″ LCD screen.

– Fall-proof thanks to the protective silicone cover.

– Swift and intuitive thanks to the single rotating button. Program a movement in just 5 clicks.

– Uses a standard USB 2.0 type A cable.

– 100 m line-of-sight range in the wireless version.

Performs any activity thanks to its advanced control modes

Live speed and direction control of any of the slider’s travelling, panning and tilting movements.

40 speeds available.

Program movements with up to 3 control points, combining the axes as you want.



From point 1 to 2 (just travelling)

From point 2 to 3 (travelling + panning + tilting)

Set the start and stop accelerations to smooth the movements as much as possible.

Shoot-move-shoot movement (the camera remains still during the photo shoot).

Up to 99 hours of timelapse legth.

Fast parameter configuration (frames, lapse).

Comunication with the camera when shooting  (3,5mm minijack port).

Ramp mode control for exposure time while shooting sunrises and sunsets.

Possibility to perform acceleration ramps.

Possibility for movement preview.

It is possible to disconnect the remote during the execution and the slider will keep working.

Swift configuration of the number of shots to be taken.

Possibility of frame by frame movement in both forward and backward directions.

Possibility of moving to any frame position in just one step.

It allows programming the exact time frames the system will travel to different positions and the time to reach that position, in a sequence of up to 20 movements, as well as configuring the delays between those movements.

This mode is specially useful for systems that move long distances.

It can be used in events, musicals and other situations where the time is precisely controlled.


Create stop motion projects with Dragonframe

Create Stop Motion projects controlling the Slider directly with the Dragronframe software thanks to the dedicated wireless bridge.


Sync Connect

A single remote to control all of our products.

Incredibly smooth and accurate programmable movements

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Portable Wirecam kit

From: 798,00 687,00 IVA/TAX excl.

The most compact and lightweighted robotic cablecam system for DSLR / Mirrorless cameras + stabilizer: Ronin M, Ronin s, Zhiyun Crane, maid air, feiyu, Gopro Karma, dji osmo, etc.

Size: 15.5 * 12 * 18.5 cm
Weight: 770 g
Minimum speed: 5 mm / s
Maximum speed: 1375 mm / s
Load capacity: 6 Kg
Operating modes: Manual, Automatic, Timelapse, Stop-motion, Multipoint
Camera tilt adjustment capability
It incorporates displacement sensors to maintain high precision in the positions reached on the cable.

Anchoring and tensioning kit for portable wirecam

Fast and simple assembly and tensioning kit for portable wirecam

VR360 minicablecam transport flightcase

Hard transport flightcase for VR360 minicablecam.

Quick release plate Ronin M/MX adapter

  • Quick release plate Ronin M/MX adapter.
  • Adapter 3/8 "to 1/4" for fastening the portable wirecam Arca-Swiss plate.


  • Cablecam
  • 50m of 3mm polyester rope
  • 12V 3600mah battery
  • Serial connection adapter to get 24V from two batteries (high speed mode)
  • Wireless remote control
  • Silicone protective case
  • USB cable for the remote control
  • Micro USB cable for firmware updates

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