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High speed cinema cablecam

From: 1.595,00 IVA/TAX excl.

Move your cinema camera at more than 60m/h and make amazing airly shot.

  • Size: 75*32*16 cm
  • Weight: 5025 g
  • Minimum speed: 0,5 km/h
  • Maximum speed: +60 km/h
  • Carrying capacity working horizontally: 20 Kg

Create automatic programmable movements to control your High speed cablecam using our remote control with the modes:

  • Direct
  • Automatic
  • Timelapse
  • Stop motion
  • Multi-point

Polyester rope 8mm - 50m

1000 Kg hand winch

Lipo battery charger up to 6S

Quick release plate Ronin adapter

Emergency braking system

System that causes the emergency braking of the cablecam after making contact with the pvc blocks positioned on the rope in the safety positions.

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  • Cablecam
  • 2 5S Lipo batteries of 500mah
  • Quick anchoring support for Ronin M (on order)

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