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VR360 extensible Slider&Dolly

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Modular and extensible slider designed for VR360 cameras


  • Size: 244*25*18 cm
  • Weight: 6200 g
  • Minimum speed: 3,2 mm/s
  • Maximum speed: 455 mm/s
  • Horizontal loading capacity: 5 Kg

VR360 Motorized and programmable Dolly

The perfect dolly to work either in flat surfaces or on our rail system by transforming it into a VR360 extensible motorized slider.

VR360 extensible slider - rails*OPTIONAL

Portable extensible rail system for our VR360 motorized dolly.


VR360 extensible slider transport trolley*OPTIONAL

VR 360 extensible Slider&Dolly transport trolley - Sachtler SL2001. Up to 8,8m length.

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  • Motorized and programmable Dolly (possibility to use it on flat surfaces without rails)
  • Extensible guides of desired length
  • 12v 3200mAh battery (up to 6 hours of battery life )
  • Remote controller
  • Protective slicone case for the remote controller
  • 12V power supply
  • 1,5m power supply extesion cord

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