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Sales terms


Lifetime warranty

1.General conditions

Noxon guarantees for life the products and equipment it sells except for:

The feeders, batteries and electronic components subject to wear or misuse have a 6 month warranty unless the defect is proven by the customer from the first two years.

In other words, the items excluded from the guarantee are:

  1. All components subject to wear and tear as a result of normal use of the equipment, as well as all equipment that lacks the corresponding serial number at the time of claim.
  2. Those equipment that due to faulty installation, bad conservation, treatment or improper handling or adverse weather conditions deteriorate or break down.

Any warranty for incidents due to negligence, lack of supervision or maintenance or defective use or for purposes other than the intended purpose of this material is excluded.

Any intervention carried out by non-authorized personnel nullifies warranty. Damages caused by improper installation, voltage surges, electric shocks, atmospheric phenomena, incorrect firmware replacement or improper handling of the product invalidate warranty.

The shipment of equipment to Noxon must be done with all the original components and accessories. The return shipping costs of the damaged products covered by the guarantee are borne by Noxon. All warranty claims are determined at the sole discretion of Noxon.

2.Manufacturing defect

The warranty is understood in the workshop of the Noxon Technical Department. Noxon’s obligation is limited to repair or replacement of the products without any cost of parts or labor if it is found to be defective in materials or manufacture.

Noxon guarantees the return and replacement of the products and equipment that it sells during the following 14 clear days after the reception by the customer, in case of detecting a manufacturing defect that prevents a correct operation.

The return of products to Noxon must be done with all the accessories, manuals and original packaging in perfect condition. Writing and / or labeling (either by the customer or logistics company) on the original packaging of the products as well as the replacement and / or manipulation of accessories or equipment components won’t be allowed.

  1. Equipment with own or third-party seals on the original packaging is not allowed.
  2. Equipment with writing and / or labeling directly on the packaging is not admitted.
  3. Equipment without the original packaging, deteriorated or struck is not allowed.

3.Technical service

Do not hesitate to contact us to help in order to make a product diagnosis. This process will determine if the reparation is covered by our guarantee (see general conditions). Otherwise, we can estimate the cost of such repair. Either way, we will make sure that your Noxon product remains operational.

If you want to send us your product to manage the diagnosis and possible repair, please contact us.

Purchase process

1. Shipments

Mainland Spain shipments 
Most of the products offered in require a preparation period of 2-3 business days, after which, they will be returned within  24 to 48 hours. Delays may occur, especially for items that require a special preparation. In any case, you can contact us about the estimated deadline for preparation through the mail

Shipping costs will be free in mainland Spain territory provided the value of the order exceeds the amount of € 300.

EU shipments
Most of the products offered in require a preparation period of 2-3 business days after which they will be sent within 2 to 4 days. Delays may occur, especially for items that require special preparation. In any case, you can ask us about the estimated deadline for preparation through the mail

Shipping costs will be free in European countries * as long as the value of the order exceeds the cost of € 300, excluding larger or heavy weight products.

*List of countries subject to the free shipping policy:

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Slovenia
  • France
  • Hungary
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • United Kingdom

International shipments
Most of the products offered in require a preparation period of 2-3 working days after which they will be sent within a period of 2 to 4 days. Delays may occur, especially for items that require special preparation. In any case, you can ask us about the estimated deadline for preparation through the mail

If you want to know the shipping rate, create an order simulation on our website and we will automatically reflect the cost in the shopping cart.

Correction or update of the shipping address
We only ship the items to the shipping address indicated on your order. If your package was sent, and it was sent to an incorrect address or if you want to update the address to which it is addressed, please contact us immediately so we can help you. Intercepting or rerouting a package may result in additional fees and depends on the operator.

Orders received after 12:00 a.m. in the Time Zone of Spain CET (Central Europe Time), will be registered with the the next business day date.


2.Sales returns

Once you have received any of our products, you have 14 clear days to return them.

Unless the return is made due to a defective or incorrectly shipped product, you will be responsible for shipping and costs, sending the product to Calle Mocholí SN (Building CEIN, ship R1.6) – 31110 – Noáin – Navarra – Spain.

In order for the return process to be carried out effectively, the products must not have been used and must be in perfect condition without presenting any type of effect or scratch or other marks of use. The product must be sent in its original packaging, including ushers / protectors that keep the product inside.
In case of doubt to achieve the same state of original packaging should contact Noxon through email to request assistance.

After verification by Noxon of the compliance with the conditions described above and the approval of the refund, this will be done without any additional cost in the following 14 days after the confirmed delivery.

The means to make the refund will be the same as that made in payment of purchase.


3. Customs

In international shipments, the recipient will assume the customs and fiscal expenses related to imports under the specific conditions of each country. If you would like more information, we recommend that you contact the institutions responsible for import procedures in your country.

For reasons related to those export and import procedures, the delivery time can be modified, conditioning the estimated time of receipt of the order initially indicated by Noxon.

Rental terms

The following clauses regulating mutual responsibility between both parties are a sine qua non condition of the contract, without which Creativitytech S.L. CIF: B71286710 from now on Noxon, would not consent to be bound.

Rental process

Our equipment rental process must be done as follows:

  1. Place the rental reservation at using the booking manager making sure to enter the billing and delivery information correctly.
  2. Be available at the delivery address on the day before the initial reservation date in order to receive the equipment.
  3. Send the equipment back to our facilities to the following address: Calle Mocholí SN (Building CEIN, ship R1.6) – 31110 – Noáin – Navarra- Spain during the next day of the last rental date, using a 24-hour-shipment or physically deliver the equipment at the same address the next day after rental period is due from 8: 30 a.m. to 02: 00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

* The cost of return shipping to Noxon facilities will be borne by the tenant. Noxon will only invoice the shipment to the customer and the rental service.

General contracting policy

1. The rented equipment and accessories
The rented equipment and the accessories object of this contract are the exclusive property of Noxon.

2. Equipment operation
Noxon will not provide the lessee with any specific training on the operation of the equipment, and the lessee may access the tutorials provided for such information.

3. Delivery and return of the equipment
The lessor, Noxon, will delivery the equipment to the lessee in perfect physical and inventory condition. At the same time, the lessee undertakes to comply with the same obligation and will return the equipment in perfect condition on the agreed date and time.

4. Damages in the return of the material
Those damages inflicted to the equipment, derived from misuse, will be the sole and exclusive responsibility of the lessee.
The lessee will be obliged to pay in full the amount of reparation or the replacement of the rented product, according to the technical assessment of Noxon. Within a maximum period of 15 clear days after the agreed return date.

5. Meet the deadline for returning the material
Delays in the return of the rented material that have not been accepted in writing by Noxon, must be paid at a rate of “1 day” for each 24 hours of delay, to which no type of discount will be applicable. This rate is described of the website:

6. Equipment breakdown within the rental period
Noxon does not assume any responsibility for the replacement of damaged equipment due to improper use. In case the lessee obtains the right of substitution, this will be subject to the availability of the lessor.

7. Modifications in the equipment
The lessee may not modify, disassemble or repair the equipment, nor sell, pawn or discard of the equipment or its accessories, under penalty of the inherent responsibilities of such actions.

8. Civil liability for damages caused to third parties
The lessee is entirely responsible for damages to third parties caused by misuse.

9. Express submission to the courts of Pamplona
The fulfillment or interpretation of the present conditions, in case of discrepancy, will be the competence of the Courts of Pamplona, leaving expressly waived the proper jurisdiction that could correspond to the lessee.