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Extensible VR360 Slider & Dolly

Bring life to your VR360º shots thanks to the extensible Slider

Size: 244*25*18 cm

Weight: 6200 g

Movements / Compatible modules


Minimum speed: 3.2 mm/s

Maximum speed: 455 mm/s


12V Battery


Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Delrin

Horizontal loading capacity: 5 Kg maximum

Limitless Travelling thanks to our extensible rail system

Create any travelling length thanks to our unique design of extensible rails

Work with the Dolly on flat surfaces and enjoy an ultra-compact motion system

No need to remove the rails in the video.

Easily eliminates the Dolly from the nadir thanks to its compact size.

Perform curved movements thanks to the Dolly’s tiltable axes.

Easily remove rails in 360 video projects

Perform repeated movements in exactly the same time.

Easily detachable system allowing to transport everything in a single bag

Works at high speed using up to 5 Kg cameras

Noxon Control System


Intuitive and swift control system using either a wired or a wireless remote

– Pocket Size.
– 2.2″ LCD screen.
– Fall-proof thanks to the protective silicone cover.
– Swift and intuitive thanks to a single rotating button. Program a movement in just 5 clicks.
– Uses a standard USB 2.0 type A cable.
– 100 m line-of-sight range in the wireless version.

Operating modes

Programmable movements with up to 3 reference points, allowing for speed and direction changes.



From point 1 to point 2 (198 cm of travelling to the right, speed 11)

From point 2 to point 3 (750 cm of travelling to the left, speed 40)

It stablishes start and stop accelerations in order to soften the movements to the maximum.

Live control of speed and direction of the travelling movement.

40 speeds available.

Shoot-move-shoot movement (the camera remains still during the photo shoot).

Up to 100 hours length for a timelapse project.

Fast parameters configuration (frames, lapse).

Comunication with the camera when shooting  (3,5mm minijack port).

Ramp mode control for exposure time while shooting sunrises and sunsets.

Possibility to perform acceleration ramps.

Possibility for movement preview.

It is possible to disconnect the remote during the execution and the slider will keep working.

Swift configuration of the number of shots to be taken.

Possibility of frame by frame movement in both forward and backward directions.

Possibility of moving to any frame position in just one step.

It allows programming  the exact time where the camera goes to different positions and even the times where it will remain stopped in the reached position.

Programs the exact time where the camera goes to different positions and even the time where it will remain stationary in the reached position.

This mode is specially useful for systems that  move long distances.

It can be used in events, musicals and other situations where the time should be controlled.


Fully automates the camera operation for live shows, musicals, etc. thanks to the multipoint operating mode

You can set the times when the camera will reach different positions

Sync Connect

A single remote to control all of our products.

Advanced motor movement control

Unique acceleration system

Ultrasmooth movements thanks to the new accelerating system.

High precision with stepper motors and electronics capable of performing movements of 0.02 mm.

Long battery life

6 hours of  battery life

La batería desarrollada por Noxon e incluida en el VR360 extensible Slider & Dolly ofrece una autonomía de 6 horas de movimiento continuo.

Se pueden usar baterías de 12V de mayor capacidad de otros fabricantes o varias baterías de Noxon unidas entre sí para conseguir autonomías aún mayores.

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