Jib Arm – For Stop Motion

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High Precision

Enjoy Submillimeter Movements that will allow you to make consistent shots and work frame by frame.

Versatility for Stop-Motion Projects

Save hours of work and planning, avoiding having to transform your entire studio for each different shot.

Intuitive Use

Use the Jib Arm easily right out of the box. Do not depend on Software or extensive Manuals to start recording.

What kind of solution do you need for Stop-Motion?

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    What kind of tripod do I need?

    Are you worried about which tripod to use? The Jib Arm has a 3/8″ female adapter that will allow you to use almost any tripod. Just make sure these can hold at least 20kg. Quality weighs!


    Do you need a reference? Here is the ProAim Tripod the we use.

    How much weight can it load?

    Thanks to its 5kg capacity, the Jib Arm allows you to move a wide variety of cameras and take your shots with the highest quality possible.

    What about its movement options?

    Capture all angles and movements simultaneously with our Jib Arm. Panning, Tilting, Extension, Turn, Lift, and the option of adding a Follow Focus Module.


    Yes, you read right: 6 axes of movement for your Stop Motion projects.

    Do you want information about a New Series or a New Version of the Jib Arm?

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      Remote Control System

      Dedicated wireless control system for real-time programming complex automatic movements as a robotic technology.

      Control Features
      • Automatic
      • Manual

      Dragonframe Compatibility

      Dragonframe: Use your Remote Control as a wireless transmitter from PC/mac and work directly from the Dragonframe software.

      API Control: Use our open commands library to control Noxon equipment from a terminal via PC/Mac. Create your own control system and use it for 3D Scanning, Photogrammetry, and whatever you can imagine.


      Jib Arm – ¡SOLD OUT!

      Original price was: 3.887,00 €.Current price is: 2.500,00 €. IVA/TAX excluded

      The ultimate tool for animation production.

      Joystick Extension Dock

      Precision and Softness in the Control of your Cablecam.

      Dragonframe Plugin for Wireless Controller

      Enable the possibility of using Dragonframe software with the Noxon products.

      USB Cable

      Power Supply

      Out of stock


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