Create your own Camera Motion System

The way of filming audiovisual projects has changed remarkably over time. It is increasingly common to see camera movements and dynamic shots. That is where camera movement systems have taken center stage and more and more filmmakers have relied on these tools or developed their own that adapt to their own needs.

The ideal motion system for cameras depends largely on the specific needs of the filmmaker. That is why versatility is a key aspect. Depending on the desired result, it would not only be necessary to move cameras but also different elements such as lights and objects, especially when advertising the product or using animation techniques such as Stop-Motion.

Another important factor to take into account is the possibility of programming and repeating movements. These movements allow you to redo the same shot with different objects, which in addition to adding dynamism to your video offers you the possibility of adding special effects to your audiovisual productions.

The last aspect is the control of the movement system. There are many ways to operate a motion system, however, when we are going to take our shots, nothing offers you better handling than having a dedicated remote. And if this is added the possibility of control from a PC or Mac even better. There are specific softwares for Stop Motion techniques such as Dragonframe that are compatible with some motion systems for cameras. However, for people who want to go further and have their own control mechanism, it is possible to control the device from the computer using commands through consoles such as YAT. All this makes that the limit is the one that you put yourself.

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