The synchronization between the controller and the slider is done automatically. In case of disconnection, you will see a diagonal line on the EXT battery indicator. In that case, access the settings menu, scroll down to “RF channel” and try the different channels making sure to select the channel by pressing the knob.

Rail Exchange

It is important to remember that the rails are interchangeable, not extendable. The ends are not included in the extra rail.

Module disassembly

To remove the Panning Module, a 4.5mm Allen wrench is required.

Follow-Focus Module

The Follow-Focus module does not include the camera base or the 15mm rod.

Mounting on 2 Tripods

The Tripod anchoring plate is mobile and can be positioned anywhere on the rail. To mount at the end of the rail, a tripod with a ball head is necessary.

Mounting on Tripods for Aerial Plane

The Tripod Anchor Plate is mobile and can be positioned on the top of the rail.

Dragonframe: First steps

The Dragonframe plugin is required for the wireless controller.

User Manual

User Manual

User Manual

User Manual

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