How to take Aerial Shots without a Drone?

With the arrival of drones, taking aerial shots has become increasingly easy and accessible. However, it is not always possible to legally use this tool in specific environments. A very interesting alternative is to mount a lightweight drone on a cablecam, therefore incorporating wireless emission + stabilization and control of camera movements in a very compact system.

First of all, you do not need training or a license to use it, which is necessary for some countries. Thanks to an extremely intuitive operation with its programmable control knob, you will be able to master the Portable Wirecam in no time to obtain incredible aerial shots. In addition, the very reduced size and weight simplify the assembly of the line using a cable of only 3mm in diameter.

Safety is important, which is why the Portable Wirecam includes a position sensor that can act as an emergency braking system and provides precision in the automatic movements of the Portable Wirecam on the line. This allows a single operator to use the Portable Wirecam while maintaining automatic movement on the line while engaged in controlling camera movements on the drone.

Certain legal restrictions apply to the use of drones. For example, they cannot be used in events where there are people due to the danger they can represent. This makes it ideal to use a cablecam system to obtain aerial shots in places where the drone simply cannot, such as dense forests or closed places.

Taking these aspects into account, our Portable Wirecam is emerging as the ideal alternative to the drone to achieve the best aerial shots. What are you waiting to order yours?

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