Virtual Reality in Audiovisual Production

Beyond the debate about the usefulness and meaning of the Metaverse (virtual reality), as a tool for social interaction, there are new interpretations of how to take advantage of this cutting-edge technology.

We are convinced that virtual reality, in addition to being a much more immersive way to consume audiovisual content such as 360 videos, is a great opportunity to carry out processes and work in a 100% virtual and transformable environment.

In jobs such as audiovisual production, video surveillance, or remote operation of robots, virtual reality can be a form of teleworking that provides security, agility, and comfort.

Let us imagine, for example, that a fixed or itinerant production team could, during a live show and through VR goggles, be in a virtual room monitoring all the cameras and systems involved without the need to assume the installation and equipment costs of a traditional room.

Exactly the same could apply to a video surveillance room or any other remote control installation, where in addition to the use of these virtual spaces to be able to operate, manipulate or interact with virtual controls, it could be done with physical elements such as a robot arm or a robotic camera.

At Noxon we are aware of this great opportunity and we have developed a camera teleoperation system through the movement of the head whose operation even allows this teleoperation to be carried out through the internet, achieving fluid movement and high responsiveness (fast answer) to avoid dizziness and make the experience truly immersive.

Here you can see an example of using this technology to operate the camera mounted on a Mod slider while it performs a smooth traveling movement that dynamizes the scene.

If you find this technology interesting or the development of these virtual workspaces for carrying out your audiovisual production activities, contact us at and we will inform you about the different possibilities.

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